Refreshing Toner
• Nourishes • Stimulates


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Refreshing Toner

Nourishes • Stimulates


Product Highlights
• Removes Deep Seated Impurities & Dead Skin
• Rejuvenates & Reconditions Your Skin
• Minimizes Pore Appearance


Product Description
This unique Revitalizing Toner is specially formulated to remove deep seated impurities & dead skin. It gently stimulates skin cells and reconditions them without stripping off natural moisture.

It minimizes pore appearance while its melon & witch hazel extracts nourish & rejuvenate your skin. With each use you experience natural freshness & a brighter glow.
For best results, also use 'Organic Therapie Deep Pore Cleanser'.


Active Ingredients
Melaleuca Alternifolia, Neem, Alovera Toum, Curcumis Cetivus, Prunus Arbenia, Citrus Laminum, Santalum Albun, Daucus Carota.


How to Use
Apply 2 - 3 drops on a piece of cotton wool & cleanse thoroughly. Rinse off.