To be honest, initially I was very skeptical of trying it. I have spent (in fact wasted) a lot of money on my acne. One of my girlfriends was our guinea pig. In just 7 days, it worked wonders.
Now our whole gang is hooked to it. Keep it up.

Priya Gill

Great products & amazing service. I am a customer for life!

Neha Saran

Placed an order yesterday & received it today. Great service.

Alisha Singh

While people pay attention to ingredients, not many understand the true importance of correct ‘Ingredient Combination’. I am a Naturopath & have also studied Aromatherapy. I must say, you guys know your stuff. I tried your Night Crème & it was really good. Keep up the good work.

Mita Rastogi

I fell in love with your products, the moment I applied them. Heavenly fragrances, so soft on the skin & they work great. Instant results like never before. I started using them last month & I am getting married next month. That’s perfect timing.

S. Singh

I wish I had found this much earlier. I have had the worst under eye dark circles forever. Its been a few weeks that I have been using your under Eye Creme range & I must say… it works! Will be trying your Night Cream next.

J. Aishwarya

Hi ladies, try the Softpeel Scrub. It’s the best I have ever used.

Ria Joshi

I absolutely l – o – v - e your Insta Clear Marks Serum!

S. Tshering

I want to especially thank your customer care staff. The lady I spoke to was polite, professional & very patient. Well done.

Bhamini Panjwani

Of all the products, I really love your Flawless Beauty Mask & Softpeel Scrub. They cleared my blackheads!

Deepika Awadh

My 6 year old had bad mosquito bite marks. Your Insta Clear Marks Serum & cream worked great for her. Thanks.

Ekta Sethi

Had pigmentation marks around my cheeks for about 10 years. Your Insta Clear Marks Kit worked great for me. It has cleared the marks and my skin looks much brighter.

Prerna Chopra

By far the best product for marks. I can say this after trying everything under the sun for pigmentation – expensive brands, dermatologist medication, local home made stuff etc. Your products work! I have been using your Insta Clear Marks Kit for the past 6 weeks. The results have been great. Marks have cleared & my skin has never looked better. Keep it up guys!

Fauzia Khan

I have very oily skin. I need to always use tissue or blotting paper to wipe off the oil from my face & keep dumping powder to keep it looking dry. I hate how greasy it looks all the time. I was introduced to your Daily Beauty Therapie range by my colleague at work. I saw results from the 1st use. I really wish you guys had a make up line too. That would be perfect.

Priya Sachdeva

I have combination skin because of which I have never been able to settle on 1 cleanser or face wash. Some make my skin very dry, others can’t take off the oil from my T-zone. I tried your Deep Pore Cleanser & have seen great results so far. I love the way it keeps my skin oil free, but doesn’t dry it. I don’t use too much make up, so I am not sure if it’s a good make up remover or not – it sure is a great cleanser. Thumbs up.

Jayshree Patel

When I think back about how double minded I was, before buying the Insta Clear Marks Kit, I can’t help but smile. I remember placing the order & then cancelling it, before finally going ahead with it. I was not sure how after so many years, my dark forehead & cheeks could get any better. They looked black, like they were burnt. I never thought 3 months later I would be writing this review for this very product. It has changed my life! Now I don’t have to be hiding behind make up always, I don’t have to be conscious about a flaw on my face, my self-esteem has multiplied & I have never felt more confident. I never realized the extent to which those ugly marks were weighing me down, until I got rid of them. Thank you Organic Therapie!

Sneha Kamble

I am not someone who writes reviews, but for this stuff, I just had to do it. I have had stretch marks since I had my 1st baby, around 7 years ago. They were bad to the point that I stopped going to the beach (my most favorite place in this world). 2 months back, my husband saw this online & insisted I give it a try (can’t thank him enough for it). After the first week I started seeing a remarkable improvement. They are still there, but barely visible. I think the way this is going, by next month they should be gone completely (fingers crossed).
Best part is, yesterday I went to the beach after years & finally felt alive again. Thank you.

Amrita Majudar

Hi, I want to share my experience with your Insta Clear Acne Kit. I am a 21 year old and have had acne since my early teens. Apart from severe acne, I have always struggled with oily skin & acne scars that have increased in number & intensity over the years. My mother got this for me on Christmas & by Easter, my skin improved drastically. I had my last pimple around 1 month back – nothing since then. My skin is not as oily as it used to be and the best thing is, the marks have cleared.

Poonam Rao

I love the way your products smell. All natural!

Jyoti Kumar

Your ingredients encouraged me to try your products. I like that these are organic & chemical free. They feel great on my skin.

Stefanie James

Superb products at reasonable price! Totally worth it.

Nivedita Puri

You guys are giving some established brands a run for their money! I own a spa & salon. After seeing good results on myself, I started trying your products on my clients. They absolutely loved them. In the past 6 months, I have replaced all those expensive skin care brands with your products. My clients are happier & my business is brighter. You guys need to launch some hair products soon too.

Yasha Kumar

My dad never used any skin care products. He, like most men, doesn’t take care of his skin & thinks it’s a woman thing. I bought him your Sun Tan Eraser as he spends long hours on the road & has extremely sun burnt face, arms & neck. He wanted to give it to my aunt, but I insisted he use it. To my pleasant surprise, he is hooked. He really likes how it evens his skin tone & keeps it fresh. Thanks.

Raki Jain

Apart from good results, what I appreciate in your products is, the value for money. I bought your Night Crème about 5 months back. It works very well & I have been using it every night since the day I bought it. That 1 jar might last me another 2 months. That’s almost 7 months from 1 jar. Incredible.

Koshi Rok