Acne Free Kit • For Oil Control & Complete Acne Care


Organic Therapie Acne Free Kit

• With Insta Clear Acne Crème & Mask

• For Oil Control & Complete Acne Care

This Kit is a perfect combination of our 2 most effective acne products:

Insta Clear Acne Creme & Insta Clear Acne Mask

• Insta Clear Acne Creme : This soothing oil-free cream is an extremely effective formula to clear acne & fade acne scars. It is blessed with natural healing ingredients to soothe redness, itchiness & irritation. It takes off excess oil & heals bacterial infections to give you acne-free, smooth skin.

• Insta Clear Acne Mask is a medicated wonder that absorbs excess oil without drying or depleting your skin of essential nutrients. It kills acne causing bacteria and gently removes impurities & dead skin cells to help prevent clogged pores. Its Insta Clear formula ensures visible results from the first use itself.